Your preferred partner
Woodmile Organization interacts with various participants of the global travel market: travel companies, agencies, hotel wholesalers, air carriers, online consolidators etc. Our main intension is to establish a mutual beneficial long-term cooperation with the most significant market players.

Woodmile trades the broad range of travel services: hotel rooms, air tickets, cruises, tour packages, ground services etc. We supply industry players and corporate clients with travel logistic, data storage and consulting, thereby assisting them in realization of their strategic goals. Our ownership, operations and management are on a scale that clearly demonstrates our long-term commitment to the travel business. This helps us to build client relationships, contributing to progressive growth and prospects.

Our business lines are run by the highly experienced management teams. Those teams provide partners with superior intelligence and market analysis, continually opening up new commercial opportunities.

We are privately owned. A short chain of command and rapid decision-making ensures our ability to act decisively to secure the interest of our partners and clients. The company's reputation for delivery results reliably and over the long-term is our asset and, simultaneously, our objective to be recognized as your partner for a wide range of travel services.