Competitive advantage
Woodmile Organization sees it's core business as an endless series of opportunities to deliver solutions that accommodate the ever-changing travel industry landscape, manage numerous risks, hedge market positions and oversee investment portfolios.

The value of travel services provided by different suppliers each day is a multiple of physical availabilities of hotel rooms and flight seats used to meet the customer's needs. Under these circumstances Woodmile faces only one responsible sort of action: to expand trading operations in order to mitigate risk and better serve our partners' requirements.

Our main trading centers are London (global) and Tallinn (Nordic & CIS countries) supported by representative offices around the world. We continue to expand our trading teams, strongly positioning Woodmile as an effective tour wholesaler and travel management company.

Our trading operations are rigorous and highly disciplined. They are supported by the expertise of our in-house IT department and investment in sophisticated travel data & risk management systems.